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Super PC Systems, Aldelo Authorized Channel Partner: Restaurant POS from the largest Dealer in New York City Aldelo Authorized Channel Partner logo
Affordable POS Solutions for Restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, delis, lounges, pubs, clubs with turnkey installation, integration, training, 24/7 365 technical support, merchant account, gift cards service. Hardware and software for sale and leasing.
Services: POS Aldelo for restaurants equipment and software sales and leasing, installation, full integration with network, EDC and credit cards processing, merchant account, gift cards service, 24/7/365 technical support upgrades. NYC, Long Island, NY, Tri-State, PA, NJ, CT
POS hardware and software sales
System and network design

Point of Sale installation and training

24/7/365 technical support


EDC Integration

Customized menu programming

Gift cards (certificates) service
POS Leasing
Contact Us: Super PC Systems, Authorized Aldelo Channel Partner, NYC, Tel. (718) 333-0999 From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST

Tel. (718) 333-0999
Fax (718) 333-0750

Call our Sales and Leasing Department from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST

Existing clients may call for Technical Support 24/7/365 (extension 2)

Visit our main office in New York City:
78 Bay 50th Street, 1 Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11214


POS Aldelo installation, 24/7/365 technical support, merchant accounts and services

Learn more about Super PC Systems, who we are, and why we have chosen Aldelo POS software as the sole software which we use in our Point of Sale integrated stations for restaurants, cafe, bars, pizzerias, delis, lounges, pubs, clubs, and other food establishments

Aldelo POS software for restaurants logo authorized channel partner


Super PC Systems has been founded in 2003 by Mr. Andrey Belyayev, Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Super PC is a rapidly growing company with an office in Brooklyn, New York, Bensonhurst area. Super PC is an Authorized Channel Partner for Aldelo software (see www.aldelo.com). We are the largest Aldelo dealer in NYC and Tri-state area and one of the largest in the United States.

Aldelo is one of the leaders on the restaurant Point of Sale (POS) market, having more than 60,000 installations worldwide. Super PC Systems has more than 550 installations with customers throughout the Tri-state area. That accounts for over 550 customized POS designs, customized menu programming, integrations, system installations, training, and continued 24/7/365 technical support. Thousands of POS stations have been sold, leased, installed! Menus have been customized for over 10 languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew.

With over 25 people working for us (full-time employees and a network of sales people and contractors) we are committed to providing the best service with our24/7/365 technical support. We successfully serve the needs of new and existing restaurants which are looking to buy their first system or upgrade to a new one. 

Our choice of Aldelo POS as the sole software we use was a result of a long research of different POS software existing on the market. We are absolutely confident that Aldelo POS software is the best in terms of cost to value ratio, quality and amount of features it delivers for the cost, in terms of reliability and permanent support and development of new features by the manufacturer. Even most sophisticated configurations with handheld wireless devices are supported! Why pay more if this software delivers everything you need?

The same criteria was used in selecting hardware that we use for stations, printers, network, etc. We permanently scan the market in order to be on the cutting edge of quality and reliability versus price.


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Technical Support (remote) 24/7 for Aldelo POS from Super PC Systems, Aldelo Authorized Channel Partner